March 9, 2011

Gasp. Beautiful Inspiration!

Spring is right around the corner for much of the States and I think we're all sort of dying to get rid of the winter clutter we've collected, right? I know my husband and I spent ALL last weekend delving through our multiple bookshelves and preparing to donate nearly 300 books (yes... we're book hoarders) to a local nursing home. We also cleaned out our dressers and cabinets to make room for the things we really love and enjoy, and were sure to eliminate the items we "wished still fit." It's hard, but you just have to do it, right?

Well... I have to be honest. A major inspiration behind cleaning has been a large desire to re-decorate. I need new shapes, new lines, new COLORS in my house! I just want to freshen it up. So I have been stumbling through lots and lots of blogs and online resources during my quiet laptop time, and today, Indie Fixx posted exactly what I needed!

kitchen layout

Don't you just want to befriend Geninne D. Zlatkis and hangout in her scrumptous kitchen!? Everything is so fantastically streamlined and well lit. GAH! I want it so badly!

Long story short... this blog post is a must-see for those of you who are needing a little inspriation when it comes to using organization to decorate.

What are your decorating inspirations right now?
Feed me! I'm hungry for inspiration!

Leave links, suggestions, etc. in the comments, friends!


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