March 8, 2011

Spring Style Notebook: Part 1

It's that time of year when things are changing ever so slightly each and every day. The sun is getting a little bit warmer and staying around a little bit longer every day here in the States, and for that, many of us are very thankful!

This is the itme of year when I feel inspiration overload. There is so much happening, so much I want to think about, and so many pretty photos I want to freeze frame into my brain!

This is why I decided to start a Spring Style Notebook on Sunday!
There was just TOO much happening and I needed a place to put it where I could love it any time I wanted, without having to carry my laptop and favorite magazines with me everywhere I go!

Your supplies:

1. Magazines
They can be fresh off the stand or those old issues you have never been willing to part with because they're just too dag on pretty!

2. Scissors
Don't grab your best pair or the pair you always use for fabric... just a handy pair of scissors that you have in your junk drawer.

3. Notebook & Glue
I picked up a set of 3 cutiepie notebooks at Target last weekend on clearance for just 2.34! Steal!
I'm also using my favorite, Elmer's Memory Book Glue that is double ended.

4. Pens/Markers
An array of fine point permanent markers in whatever colors you like!
I'm using a combination of BIC and Sharpie pens for this project.

Homework Assignment:

Put those scissors into gear and cut up those magazines! Cut out all the pretty pictures, cute outfit pairings, color combinations, home decor ideas, or articles that you really love.

While you wait for Part 2, go ahead and store your pretty photos in a file folder, envelope, or page protector you have lying around. Or, if you don't have grubby paws or hands fidgeting with them, you can just put them aside until later!

Until next time..


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