February 13, 2011

Last minute Valentine's Card

This year for Valentine's Day, Cory planned an amazing mini-getaway entitled "All About Me (Liz)" (he even used "air" perenthesis with his fingers). We had a lovely weekend, and I will be posting pictures very very soon, but I wanted to share with you the handmade card I prepared for him.

Being avid NPR listeners, we often make inside jokes relating to various segments or NPR personalities we adore. I stumbled upon these hilarious NPR Valentine's one day last week and decided I would print them out and bind them in a mini-book for Cory with a personal message on the top. He loved them. They really were the icing on the cake for our Valentine's Day gift exhange.

Go here for these incredible NPR Valentines for someone special in your life (or anyone who listens to NPR with a sense of humor)!


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