February 22, 2011

I can't believe my eyes...

I keep looking over to my left and am amazed when I see a giant storage container FULL of inventory and product. I have been crocheting my little fingers off for 2 major events that are taking place within the next 2 weeks.

The first is the Indie Artist Celebration this Saturday in downtown Frederick, Maryland. Our local yarn shop, Eleganza Yarns, is hosting the shindig with loads of local artists. If you're in the shopping or visiting mood from 12-5 on Saturday, stop by The Loft at Antique Imports on East Street (*it's right across the street from Eleganza).

The other big event I haven't talked much about, so here we go. A friend of a friend works for Ralph Lauren head quarters in NYC and when she purchased a few products for me a few months ago, I told her she should wear it every day to the office so Ralph designs a crochet line. Even though she hasn't been able to hook me up with Ralph, the friend took my idea to heart and mentioned me when she was put in charge of designing the VIP ticket bags for a NYC charity event.  Streetwise Partners, a non-profit that assists low-income, struggling people to find work, build skills, and network, is hosting an annual fundraiser on March 10th for hundreds of people!  I am so lucky to have my product be included in over 200 gift bags for those who bought VIP tickets! Hooray!

Needless to say, my fingers a little stiff. I still have a lot to work on for the fundraiser, but I plan on shipping an assortment of items out to support such an awesome charity.

In other yarny news, I just stumbled upon Lilley Sitches blog post from today... dedicated to all the fiber art included in London's Fashion Week! oh.em.gee. Check these out!


They just make want to keep on stitchin' forever!


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  1. Those fashion posts are absolutely amazing! I had stayed on top of New York Fashion Week but hadn't checked out the London stuff yet. Beautiful!