January 24, 2011

What I'm Reading This Semester..

I started my 2nd semester on Thursday with a crop of fresh students and a determined student teacher. It's days like these that really inspire me to hit the books and come up with clever ways to have my students fall in love with the characters they meet throughout the next four months.

Before I share my reading list for this semester... did you know that if we don't have a single snow day this school year (and so far, so good), we will be released for summer vacation on May 27th!? That is CRAZY for Maryland! Also, we aren't supposed to report back to school next year until August 20something. AMAZING! So, here's to rid our calendar of snowdays (okay, maybe one...) and hit the road straight through until May!

Now, back to reality. Here are the goodies I'm introducing to my students this semester:

Do you remember reading any of these pieces of literature while you were in school?
Any personal favs?


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  1. I only read the first two, but I loved other Hemingway novels more than most of my classmates. I love his ability to describe something in so much detail that it fills pages and pages <3