January 25, 2011

(snow falling)


I have been checking the weather ALL DAY. I know I just need to stop, but in all reality, teachers are just as bad as the students when it comes to the possibility of a "free" day off. I know to use the term "free" loosely, but one way or another, I will be paid for my time whether we are in school or not, since I get paid year-round (my pay is stretched over all 26 pay periods instead of just the 10-month 22 pays). So, yes, although I was against it earlier this week, I am hoping or a snowday tomorrow!

I am anticipating the 5-8 inches of snow we're about to receive so much that I even dared to venture to the grocery tonight! It wasn't that bad, I only had a few things to pick up, but then it hit me that we may need food for a few days (since we don't drive much anyway... and downtown doesn't have a grocery). So, I loaded up my cart with yummy supplies for a weeks worth of meals.

Tonight I tossed together a spinach salad with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and a lovely dish of eggplant parm! mmm mmmmmm! I was really happy. I don't often get the "bug" to cook a full dinner other than on Sundays, so we pick around and throw together meals a lot. Oh well. We make it work. Cory does a decent share of the cooking as well, so all is fair.

Other than dinner, I am planning on enjoying the silence of the house as Cory is diligently reading my favorite book about poetry (it's not a book of poetry, but simply a book ABOUT poetry by Mary Oliver).

Also, today in class we set up our notebooks (that we use to "build" our own textbook within) and you know what I had my students write on the front in big, bold, Sharpie markers?


You know what that means?

Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

It's true. Don't forget it!


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  1. I like it! I wish I had that saying at school! Although Awesome wasn't a word we used, it can easily be replaced!!