January 23, 2011

That time I ate pancakes and Mad Men'd myself.

This morning Cory woke up before me and began his day downstairs. I took the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy the entire bed to myself. It's rare that I get to do it, so I try to take advantage :).

Later, when I finally made it downstairs, I started a pot of coffee... and then I heard Cory head into the kitchen and rumble around in the drawers. Wha-la... he came up with these DELICIOUS cherry pancakes. They were the perfect way to start my Sunday :).

Other than eating delicious pancakes, I was able to put together a super cute Valentine's DIY (more info later) for a blog I'm visiting in February, and set up a Twitter account for Donna's Decembers!

I also had time to Mad Men myself. If you haven't done this year, head over here.

Here's my final result:

...and yes... that is me and Don Draper.

What have you been up to today?


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