January 7, 2011

Happy Weekend!


Gosh, I am so glad that today is Friday, and better yet, that right now it is Friday evening. The husband is on his way to pick up an order of take-out sushi and we are planning on getting snowed in for the entire weekend.

It's not really calling for much snow, maybe a few inches, but we so desperately want a weekend with no plans or pressure... so we're calling it our Snowed In Weekend. I am so excited! Cory has big plans for reading and writing, and I have big plans for designing a few new crochet patterns and getting lots of stitches accomplished. We are planning on staying up late and sleeping in, not having to get out of our pjs, and cooking every meal. We are also planning a few movie marathons topped off with hot chocolate and hot cider. Seriously--I'm entering total dream mode. sigh.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. My plans for the weekend...
    -my sister, mother & a family friend staying in my tiny one bedroom apartment with the fiance & me
    -lots & lots & lots of crocheting
    -baking 75 cupcakes
    -my bridal shower. we're having a tea party!
    -a potential night out with the girls
    -sleeping in mega late
    -dog sitting the world's WORST behaved dogs for the world's BEST future father-in-law & his future wife

    I wish I had full weekends with nothing planned! Though this weekend and its plans are welcomed with open arms <3

  2. Way to rub it in Liz!!! I want a snowed in weekend too!!!

  3. Leeleelark: I hope you have a beautiful bridal shower! It's such a fun way to start the wedding happiness! Enjoy your weekend :)