January 8, 2011

The Day I Wished for Longer Hair...

I have thin, stick straight hair. I have gotten through my 25 years of life excepting that to get volume, I will need to use product, and to hold curl, I would need a miracle. Oh well... it's just how it is.

I go through various phases of hair. I have been known to grow it out to the mid of my back and then to chop it all off after a nice nap under a tree in the park (true story, this happened in 2009). I grew my hair out for the wedding and then within a few weeks, it was back to my chin. It's okay, I sort of appreciate the flexibilty to have a type of hair that can be various lengths. What I don't appreciate, is how slowly my hair grows. On average, I don't cut my hair more than once or twice a year, because it grows so slowly.

Since I've had my trials and tribulations with hair, I sorta just take it in stride. Until this morning. I was scrolling through my Reader and saw the most recently hair do that Elsie and Emma came up with for Red Velvet. Yarn in your hair? I'm totally game! I practically have yarn coming out of my ears--of course I want it in my hair! Then I saw Laura's post over at Violet Bella where she used the same DIY. I offically wish for my hair to be about 3 inches longer so I can pull this off!

Hopefully, I'll be able to rock this look as soon as spring and summer roll around. If you haven't checked out the DIY yet, do it. It's adorable and costs nothing but digging through your yarn stash.


Happy Saturday!


  1. I have the same problem. My hair is stick straight and when I curl it, falls out by mid day! It can be frustrating sometimes.

  2. The yellow yarn colour is great with your hair shade!