January 2, 2011

Before & After: Studio Space!

In keeping up with my goals for 2011, today was marked off the calendar to clean my studio. After a crazy Christmas season preparing and shipping orders, my studio was a MESS. I love being organized and clean, but am definitely the kind of person that feels as if hope has slipped through my fingers, I will just stop trying. Okay, maybe that was a little melodramatic, but bottom line: I let it get away from me.

If you have a weak stomach for cluttered spaces, you may want to quickly scroll down to ignore the following pictures.

So after a few cups of coffee, a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl  of tomato soup, 2 boxes of build-your-own storage cubes from Target (on sale for just $14!), and some elbow grease, this is the final product! It's not perfect, but it makes me (and my anti-clutter husband) happy!

Before I got started, I did a little thinking about what I wanted out of my new space. I know I do a lot of my work downstairs, so this studio space needed to be utilized for storage and inspiration. I already owned a set of 6 cubes, so I extended them with the 2 new kids I bought. I had a ton of fabric boxes and various other storage items already in my home, so the change only cost me the $28 and a few hours of time. In the end, I think it's exactly what I needed.

I was inspired to use the cube spaces after thinking about how I like my yarn to be organized. I was inspired by Twinkie Chan's studio space, where she organizes her yarns by color. Here are some photos from her blog:

Is getting your studio space organized one of your 2011 goals? Or do you have a system to keep it nice and tidy all year long? I'd love to know!

But I am not an organize-by-color gal, so I decided to organize my yarn stash by type & texture. I have so many "go-to" yarns for specific projects, so this is very helpful for me.

Anyway--I really love the end result. I'm pretty happy!


  1. Love the room, it's super cute! (:
    I wish I had space like that! :b

    Just curious if you were able to send out my "learn to crochet" giveaway "present"? (:

  2. Alexa-

    Hi! Yes, it will be in the mail tomorrow! I have barely been home in the last few weeks--so I will get it to you ASAP! Promise! You'll love it :)


  3. 2011 goal: to GET a studio space. we're waiting on the boy's promotion this summer. then we're moving into a two bedroom <3

    right now my "studio" space is all over the living room and dining room. trust me when I tell you, your "before" pictures are nothing compared to the mess that is my apartment.