January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Donna's Decembers!


Today is our 1 year anniversary!

I can hardly believe it.

Last year, on New Years Eve, Cory and I sat down at a classy restaurant, had a fabulous dinner, and brought in 2010 quietly by sitting at the bar and sipping on wine. While we were there, we wrote our goals for 2010 on bar napkins (which I found in my coat pocket in November--yay!) and promised to support each other to make them come true.

While I'm not sure how Cory feels about his goals, I know I have tried really hard to make my goals a reality.

My biggest goal in 2010 was to promote Donna's Decembers and turn it into a brand. With the help of my loyal readers, Cory's endless support, and Whitney's (from The Muse) never ending encouragement, I really think it has become a reality! I'm not where I want to be, but I definitely feel like I made some really great business moves this year, and I think if I can dedicate just as much work and effort in 2011, I can really improve. My goals for 2011 are mostly business oriented. I feel very confident in my lifestyle and relationship right now, so I think this is a safe direction for me to focus.

My goals for 2011 are:
1. expand Donna's Decembers online (fresh website & shop in early spring!)
2. participate in at least 1 major craft fair each season
3. keep an organized and tidy studio space
4. teach multiple 'learn to crochet' classes (one already scheduled for this winter!)

Just four simple goals, right? It is so important to me to spread the art of crocheting and turn it into a lifestyle.

What are your goals?

Happy New Year!


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  1. hello! i just wanted to say happy 2011 and that my name is Donna and my birthday is 29 December, so i was realllly excited to find your blog!! :D