July 5, 2010

I am so excited!

I had an appointment this morning and Cory has been helping his friend move all day. We're both feeling run down and ragged from a stressful and demanding week.

We set aside tonight for date night. I'm not sure what we will get into.... maybe dinner, movie, icecream? Something along those lines. We might still do dinner... but after that...I think my vote will be for staying in, keep the house quiet, and do what we love
(Cory: write, Liz: crochet)! Yay!

I am so so so excited! I cannot even tell you! I have not gotten a second to pick up a crochet hook in at least a week---which is WAY too long for me! Yikes!

I think I may make a few of these:
...and these...

to match a few of the honeymoon dresses I have recently purchased!

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