July 5, 2010

When life hands you lemons... make really tasty lemonade!

It's Monday of a BIG week! I am really not very stressed at all, believe it or not. Last week was SUPER hectic and crazy and I felt like I had a paper cut on every single one of my fingers! This week is wayyy more relaxed (just how I wanted) and all I have to do is get all the final touches placed for our wedding! Lisa comes to town on Wednesday and it will be SO nice having another set of hands around to help me with projects!

I'm putting together some good blog posts for you while I'm away in Jamaica and the Outer Banks for our 2 week honeymoon. When I get back, this blog will be LOADED with pictures and memories.

Also, I pinky promise a super cute giveaway (heads up: you have to follow my blog to enter...so get a move on) as soon as I get back!

In love and lemonade,

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