June 20, 2010

Want to Learn How to Crochet?

It's pretty obvious that crochet is my favorite craft and hobby. I was lucky enough to have my grandmother near by to teach me and help me through complicated patterns and so forth. However, I know there might be many of you who want to learn and/or improve your skills, but don't know where to turn! Well--I have compiled a few helpful resources for you!
I introduce you to Lion Brand Yarn's Learning Center. This has been my favorite resource as I have been stumbling through various motifs and fancy lingo. Not only are there videos, but also pictures! So it doesn't make a difference if you're an audio or visual learner (or both) everything is right here for you! (Hint: Lion Brand yarn is also my favorite yarn. It's so perfect for nearly every project AND their color palettes are the best to boot.

My second resource, that is also incredible and very helpful in numerous ways is Ravelry. It's a network for crocheters and knitters everywhere (sorta like facebook)! Not only are there THOUSANDS of patterns, but if you pick up a yarn you adore but have no idea what pattern to make--go to the PATTERNS tab, throw in the type of yarn you have and wah-lah, it'll give you a huge assortment of patterns based upon what others have posted! It's a dream world for crafters out there who have found a goldmine of yarn at a thriftstore or various other outlet and have no idea what to do with it!

Bethnitx1over at Youtube also has an awesome crochet channel that you can watch and learn from. She's very slow, which is helpful for beginners. Check her out if the Lion Brand videos aren't working for you!
The hardest part of crocheting is figuring out how to handle the yarn and hook at the same time. Many people find keeping a balanced tension very hard... and it is. But practice really does make perfect, and it's always worth a second go around if you've tried before but didn't have the best of resources to use!
Also, if you have any crochet specific questions you would like to ask, feel free to leave me a comment at any time!
Peace, love, and yarn!

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