June 19, 2010

Current Obsession: That Girl!

Ever find something from the past and almost instantly you're hooked once again? It has happened to me. I am so helplessly hooked on THAT GIRL!

That Girl was a popular TV sitcom that aired from 1966-1971. I recently fell upon season 1 about a month ago and have been hooked ever since. Marlo Thomas protrays Ann Marie, a single gal moving to NYC after college graduation. Essentially, Ann is an aspiring actress who is struggling to make ends meet and not lose her mind. She is also hopelessly in love with her boyfriend Don Hollinger, a writer for a local magazine. The episodes are not intertwined, but you do see many of the same characters throughout each season.

Why do I love this show so much?
1) The clothes. Many designers we adore today were just getting started during this time. The clothes are chic, classic, and drool worthy in every way.
2) Ann is a young woman who refused to fall suit to her girlfriends who had married young. While she shows no disrespect, she honors the right to decide if and when marriage is appropriate in her life.
3) There are 5 seasons! Over 100 episodes! YAY!

Feast your eyes:

Love. Love. Love.
What are your current obsessions?

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