June 7, 2010

a little weird

This is my very first time feeling this way. I am not excited for the last day of school.


Exactly. I know. It's so strange.

I'm in a bit of a slump this afternoon, so the scarf DIY is being pushed back until tomorrow (plus I forgot my memory card). I had a really weird chiropractor appointment. It's not so much that he said anything rude or inappropriate, it was more or less that he made grand assumptions that don't apply to me. It wasn't as frustrating as what it was just downright mood busting. I'm so slumpy right now. Ugh. If only Happy Mail were due today. Oh well...

Plus, I could really use a close girlfriend right about now. I think it's probably just wedding stress causing me to have heavy eyes. Alas, tomorrow will be a short and easy day.

I got soul but I'm not a soldier: that's my motto for the evening.

Have any fun stories? Good news? An orange kitten you want to give to me?

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