June 1, 2010


Hello, hello!

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend! I sure did... aside from Cory's graduation bbq, we spent a lot of quality time with friends and each other. I also got in a nice chunk of crochet time while Cory was golfing with his buddies. Ahh, sweet, sweet quiet time :). Here are a few instax pics to highlight our weekend. Sorry they're so small--I wanted to group them on this vintage pillow I love, love, love!

And here are some pics of new Donna's Decembers jewelry... (did you notice that we updated?)

Well, in other news--today marks one week until the end of school! I am so thrilled to say hello to summer and give it a giant hug. At the same time, of course, I am sad to see my students pass on to the next grade. They have been such a darling group of teenagers this school year. I have learned so much about myself and me as a teacher. I really have enjoyed this year, although it has taken its toll on my energy outside of work! We do not have students on Friday, as it is graduation day. This is a shortened week, my students are turning in literary analysis papers on A Raisin in the Sun this Thursday, which I will have to hurry to grade by Tuesday for the grade deadline. I am so thrilled.

Well--I will be back later this week with a new project for me (and might even insipire you).

Hint: I have been cleaning all my cabinets and storage closets at school!

See you soon!

<3 over-exposed Liz

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