June 18, 2010

I have been a very bad blogger.

Oh my heavens. I thought I would have so much time to blog once school finished last week--but alas, I have not! I am in full throttle wedding mode! Fortunately, I have also had some time to veg in a few new ideas as well.

For example, Janel over at Run With Scissors is hosting an incredible 30 Day Journal Challenge. She is an elementary art teacher who has the summer off and has chosen to spend her first 30 days of summer vacay inspiring use to journal a page based upon a specific theme each day. We're only on Day 5--so you have to join! Go check it out! She also has a flickr account where we have been uploading pics of our journal pages!  It's a must do--especially if you aren't as skilled with a pen like me!

I know I promised you a USA Scarf DIY--but to be perfectly honest, I'm just not in a place to focus on details. I'm scared if I type it out--I'll rush, and it'll be no good. I'll try better later in the week.

My bridal shower is tomorrow and I'm getting excited! Lisa is coming to town tonight--so my evening will be spent in Baltimore. As I was strumming through my daily blogs--I did find this:

Perfect! I might dirve down early and hang out in Hampden until it's time to go downtown to pick up Lisa! What an awesome idea!

Also, last night, I finished my very first crochet project of the summer:

A giant granny blanket that I made for an extremely deserving student. On the last day of school, a different student stole my wallet and cell phone. A student that I taught 3 years ago returned the wallet after finding it on the side of the road. I know she'll love this blanket (and hopefully the colors, too)! I really hope it shows my gratitude for her kind act of service. With a lot of travel time and down time in the evenings--it only took me 6 days to complete this giant blanket! I was thrilled!

Right now I'm working on a baby gift for a close friend who is expecting... I'll post more later.

Have a fab day!


  1. I love love love the blanket great job! I am doing Janels journal challenge too can't wait to see your pages!


  2. Aww, thanks Carrie! The trouble with the blanket is that every time I look at it, I just want to keep it for myself! I love how bright and summery it is! However, this particular student deserves it so so much, I will eventually have to part with it! How is the journal challenge going for you!? Are you having fun?

  3. I've just found your blog and have been browsing. I LOVE giant granny square blankets (they are my fall-back gift idea) and I just wanted to let you know how much I like the colors you picked here. So bright and fun! I'm sure she loved it. :)