June 27, 2010

June Happy Mail!

Hey, sunshine!

Is it blistering hot where you are? It has been at least 95 degrees by 10 a.m. for the last few weeks. It's unbelievable! We've all been doing what we can to stay happy during this "heat wave" that is el nino. I've been wearing very light clothes and keeping all the blinds shut, Cory has been taking long naps infront of the air conditioner every afternoon, and poor Ralphie, well, he's been sleeping infront of the refrigerator.

Did I mention that we have 1 window unit for our whole house? Needless to say, we spent a lot of time everywhere but home!

So, I just realized that I haven't posted about my AWESOME Happy Mail from this month! I know I posted about Jamie a ton in May, but I haven't done Dain her justice! If you get a chance, you need to visit her blog.

I introduce to you, the lovely Dain!

1) She's an extremely talented art journalist (and also with many other forms of mixed media)! Sometimes she'll post pics of her journaling, but you can also see loads of pics on her flickr account (and she can decide if she wants to share that with you ;)).

2) She has the most ADORABLE shop where she sells her handmade headbands. I was so happy when I opened my happy mail package and found a beautiful green satin headband. It's so perfect in every way. I can't wait to find the best dress possible to match it with!

I die every time I scroll through her shop. It makes me really wish for thicker/more voluminious hair (mine is stick straight without any energy--ever).

3) She sent me this adorable Happy Mail package.

I have never loved Vera Bradley, but she has found the one pattern that I could fall in love with! Check out that wallet! The pattern is called "Sittin' in a Tree" and is so cute and totally my style.

After opening the package, I immediately started to paint my nails with the nailpolish she sent to me, and of course, I spilt it (and smudged it) on the cover of the Nick Hornby book. Of course. I am so clumsy! Oh well, I have it as clean as posible!

Thank you so much, Dain!
I loved each and every item so much!

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