January 7, 2010

The Muse

So, it's been a few days since this happened, but I totally forgot to tell you about some big news!

One of my biggest resolutions in 2010 is to embrace my crafty talents and promote them. I often feel embarrassed when telling people that I spend MULTIPLE hours a day crafting--but I have decided that this year, I will get OVER it. Part of that was accomplished by setting up my Etsy shop and this blog. The second step was talking to Whitney, an awesome lady who owns an AMAZING shop just a few blocks from my house.

The Muse is a shop that is located in downtown Frederick. It sells all things handmade from local artists and also hosts monthly classes for women to unite over wine and cheese (love it!), talk, and learn a new set of skills or craft. You always leave with a really cool product and feel so good about yourself. Anyway--so Whitney has been pestering me to show her more of my crochet goodies--and I finally produced a collection of earrings for her. So... on January 2nd, I officially became an artist at The Muse! It was such a cool feeling. I don't even care if my earrings never sell...the fact that she was even willing to put them in her store is enough for me!

Is there anything that has happened in the first week of this year that has made you feel accomplished or blissful?

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