January 9, 2010

Date Night!

A few days ago Cory was upstairs at his desk grading papers and I was on the couch crocheting. We were both at our respective laptops. It dawned on me that it had been a while since I had set up a date night...

So I sent the following email:

You're invited to Date Night!
When: Friday, immediately after work.
Location: D.C.
What: Sushi & Books

Cory laughed, seeing as how there were only 30 feet between us...but replied in a timely fashion that he would attend. So yesterday, right after work, we headed into the city for a delicious sushi dinner at Chef Thai (weird name considering sushi is Japanese) and then spent some much needed quality time at Kramer Books, our favorite bookstore. We both typically find awesome books from small or indie publishers that rarely make the big-bog book circuit. Afterwards, we swung by a wonderful cupcake shop and picked up two red velvet cupcakes. They were delicious!

Cory being goofy for the camera...

Once we scarfed down our cupcakes, we walked around Dupont Circle for a bit before we headed to the car for home. A few of the rowhouses still had Christmas lights up, which of course, were beautiful. Of course, I needed to snap our first picture of 2010!

Date Night = Success!

Tonight we're hanging out with my co-workers at Karla's house. I need to go work on a few projects that I have to take with me... have a good Saturday night!

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