October 29, 2012

There's a storm a'coming!

We're home safe and sound from our annual trip to Auburn, Alabama. We actually got home earlier than usual (back in VA around 8:30), so we were able to swing by the grocery store and stock up on food and supplies before Hurricane Sandy took control. 

I woke up confused this morning, because my clock said 7:30, but it was still so dark outside. While we're not expected to get the brunt of this storm, Frederick is still on the watch for serious flooding and wind damage. We're expecting 5-10 inches of rain within the next 36 hours and nearly every public system and/or profession is closed for the day. I'm expecting to also be home tomorrow, as the peak of this storm is taking shape between 8 p.m. tonight until 6 a.m. tomorrow.

We've got plenty of bread and water. I took all our candles out of storage and even baked some sweet potato fries this morning (in case we need a spicy snack ;)). As a graduate of Salisbury University, Hurricane days are something I've experienced fairly frequently. While the wind and rain can be scary, there are a few things to have on hand that are very helpful. I thought I would share my prepare-for-the-worst tips, just in case you live in Sandy's path, too!

  • fill ziplock bags with 1-3 cups of water and place them in empty spots in your freezer. They will freeze and then keep the meat/foods frozen for longer if the electricity goes out. 
  • fill up the bathtub(s) with water! There's no guarantee that you'll have water access once the power goes out (especially clean water), so you can use the water in the tub to help flush toilets. 
  • stock up on: bread, jugs of water, canned fruit, jars of peanut butter, and honey. Jelly and jams must be refrigerated, but honey does not. Commence the pb + honey sandwiches! 
  • hold off on lighting candles for as long as possible. Open up all the blinds in your house (unless the wind is dangerously bad) and use the natural light so your candles last longer.
  • stack up all the patio/deck furniture from outside close to your house so it doesn't blow away, knock over, or smash into your windows.
  • keep a healthy stash of craft supplies out in case you're with roommates, kids, or spouses. Most crafts require very little electricity and have the power to help time pass.
  • keep your laptops/phones plugged in 24/7. I know this isn't the best for the battery life, but this way you're fully charged whenever the power goes out and/or flickers back on.

Now I need to heed my own advice and fill up our bathtub before it gets too late! Good luck today, east coasters! Be safe!


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