May 9, 2012

The To-Read Pile that Turned into a Mountain.

I talked about my summer To Read pile a few weeks ago and was really happy that I documented all the titles that I wanted to make sure I read. But of course, I'm never just limited to those books. After realizing that the novels would/could be changing for a few of the classes I'll be teaching next year, I had to add two more books to my pile--both of which I am excited to read!

Have you ever read either of these? I started reading The Namesake earlier this week and find Lahiri's writing fairly exquisite. I'm excited to sit down with it for some one-on-one time this weekend!

Disclaimer: I love Steinbeck. It's true. I've taught his books and have made t-shirts about him for years. I think, however, without the right processes or teacher, it's really hard to understand his commentary on life as a high school student (mostly due to the lack of life experience). If you've read Steinbeck as an adult or college student, I would love your feedback about The Grapes of Wrath, too!

Happy reading!

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  1. The Grapes of Wrath is my favorite Steinbeck and one of my favorite novels in general; unfortunately I don't get to teach it. If I did, however, I would pair it with the movie Little Miss Sunshine (families traveling to California together in search of the American dream, which happens to suck? Too good to pass up!) and with a multi-genre project focusing on family, since the novel itself is practically multi-genre--part novel, part travel guide, part psychological analysis, etc, etc. It would probably take an entire semester, and my kids might break out the pitchforks and torches, but I think it would be awesome.