April 30, 2012

Music to my Ears: Summer Concerts

Whenever life gets stressful this time of year, I instantly imagine my summer respite hovering right around the corner. I mentioned here that I've been daydreaming about lazy days by the pool reading juicy books and it just cannot come soon enough.

Another part of summer life that I absolutely love other than roadtrips and reading is going to concerts! There's something so fun about listening to music you absolutely love while being surrounded by people who are in the same moment, too.

While we're on our roadtrip this summer we're hoping to snag a couple local shows, but we're also hoping to see some local shows too. I finally broke down and bought tickets today for what ended up being a better deal than I could have possibly imagined!

I'm sure by now you've heard the Alabama Shakes; they've been buzzing around the southern rock circuit and have been recognized by SPIN and PASTE magazines on a regular basis. They also are in this month's issue of my personal favorite, Garden & Gun. Long story short, the closest the Alabama Shakes are coming to us this year is to an outdoor concert near Richmond, VA which is a little under 3 hours away. For me, no distance is too far from seeing a band perform, especially when I love them as much as I love AS.

So when I logged on to order tickets, I realized that instead of buying tickets, I was actually buying season passes to a Friday music festival! I was paying $40 for access to 10 AMAZING bands (including Carolina Chocolate Drops--read about when we saw them in 2010 here)! So now that we have our season passes ordered, we just pay $5 at the door to see each individual show. That is completely worth it to me! It'll make for some fun Friday roadtrips down to VA during the first few weeks of the summer. This small payment is turning into a huge way to keep us occupied over the summer. I'm just hoping we can convince a few of our friends to join in on the fun, too!

Here are some videos of a few of the bands we're scheduled to see. Maybe you'll like them and find someone new? Or maybe you live near Richmond and will join in on the concert-going fun?

Alabama Shakes:

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

Carolina Chocolate Drops



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