April 11, 2012

Home Maintenance

Cory and I had an issue with our newly installed light fixtures over spring break and we decided to remedy the situation ourselves (dang 'ol slanted ceilings). Now, I do not encourage you to do this, but to actually do the research that I was too lazy to do on my own. 

Problem: Part of fixture needs to secured at the ceiling but the mechanism is about an inch too short.

Soluation: Hot Glue (we had already ruled out super glue). 

What it looks like: 

And now those metal rings that affix to the ceiling are up there--hopefully for good!

What was most impressive was Cory's willingness to go along with this crazy idea I had instead of drilling the metal piece into the ceiling. I have no idea what we're in for, but we did it!

Ahh... new homeowner-ship. It's the best. :)

Have you ever done anything crazy like this? My piece-of-mind and I would love to hear about it in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Very Creative! I'll keep this in mind in case I ever buy a home with slanted ceilings.
    -Kyle @ home maintenance