April 5, 2012

5 Ways to Wear Pantone's Color of the Year in Crochet!

In October 2011 I posted about my 5 favorite fall trends in crochet. I really loved putting together that post and thinking about it inspired me to put together today's post! As you probably already know (or have realized due to it being all over major stores), Tangerine Tango is Pantone's color of 2012. I don't typically incorporate tangerine orange into my wardrobe (unless I'm at an Auburn game) as I am more of a burnt orange kind of gal, so I thought I would see what was available in the handmade market! As always, I wasn't disappointed.

 The first gem I found was this pretty spring style free-form scarf from Yanettine. I think this would be so pretty paired with a cream or white sun dress! 

I think this was the most impressive item I found during this search. What detail in that skirt! I feel like this dress wouldn't look good on my body type, as I am pretty short and can't carry the weight of my item at this length (I typically cut my dresses and skirts right at the knee), but it is GORGEOUS! This crochet dress is brought to us by Subrosa123 out of Australia!

 Maybe you're more of an accessories gal and want to do some thing a little more subtle because orange really isn't your color? I really love the simplicity within these hair pins. Adorable and perfect for a quick summer hair-do pick-me-up! Crocheted by Katrinshine from Italy!

This is the most dainty of the 5 ways to wear Tangerine Tango, but I think it's so perfect. It's so simple and elegant while supplying the exact pop of color to an outfit! Mariareche from Spain is behind this beautiful necklace!


And I saved my most favorite way to incorporate Tango Tangerine into my 2012 wardrobe with this phenomenal cocktail ring from Tammy Epley from Texas!

You'll notice that many of the items are light weight and easy to incorporate. I have been focusing a lot on accessories instead of larger pieces as we're on the verge of full-throttle summer in Maryland. Well... that's me assuming. It's been anywhere between 55-85 degrees throughout the last 3 or 4 weeks, so I guess I'll never know what to expect! 

 I hope you enjoyed these small ways of incorporating such a bold color into your wardrobe!

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