March 7, 2012

Why I Love Downton Abbey

On New Years Eve 2009, Cory and I made a deal that one resolution we would like to make as a couple was "less TV." I'm sure you guys can sympathize that after a long day of work or a lazy weekend morning, the most inciting objects in the home is a comfy couch and a glowing TV. It's not that we even watched a lot of TV, we just wanted to re-direct our focus to books, music, and most importantly, each other. Within a few days of this new found resolution, I canceled our Comcast subscription and began life anew. Even though we did not have a cable subscription, we still received a few of the basic channels: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX. This was plenty for us. Most of the programs I enjoy are on NBC, anyway. We still didn't watch much TV.

By the time we were about to embark on 2011, I reached a breaking point. It wasn't so much that I wanted cable, I just wanted something to entertain me, so we re-joined Netflix. Fortunately, my bridesmaids banned together and bought us a Wii as a wedding present (best wedding gift ever!), so we've been able to stream Netflix. I'm sure you knitters and crocheters can relate that you just need a good show on while you're working so you don't go crazy!

Fast forward to January 2012. Somehow Comcast caught wind of us having just 6 channels and decided that since we aren't sending them money for TV, just for internet service, they would eliminate those from our viewing pleasure.  I was miffed, but quickly realized that it was only fair. Now Cory and I were finally stripped down to only Netflix. This left us plenty entertained--Mad Men, 30 Rock, Sons of Anarchy, you name it. I was in a TV-but-not-really-TV paradise.

Just when I thought we were out of engrossing television series, it happened. Downton Abbey.