March 8, 2012

A Spring Wedding Outfit

Last spring two of our very best friends decided, on a whim, to get married on their shared birthday, April 4th. By this time they had been dating for nearly a year and a half, and Cory and I felt as if it was so sweet for them to plan an entire wedding (albeit small) within a week.  Cory was already "ordained" from marrying his sister and brother-in-law on the New Years Eve before, so there wasn't much else they needed to worry about. Everything was so perfect on April 4, 2011, that I could hardly believe it. The sun shone brightly and warmly, and the water falls in Great Falls, Virginia were full of life. It was a small ceremony, but perfect for this happy couple.

Fast forward a year. This spring, Rich and Beth are having a more traditional ceremony and reception. They decided to do this so more family and friends could help them celebrate and, most importantly, since the groom's parents weren't in attendance at their impromptu wedding last year. Cory is still going to officiate the wedding and we're truly hoping it's just as wonderful and sweet as their original vows last spring.

Instead of being at Great Falls, Rich and Beth are hosting their wedding at a local vineyard in Virginia and are anticipating about 190 more people to be in attendance than last year!

I'm starting to get extremely excited for April 14th, so I have been thinking about what I should wear on this special occasion. It's not every day your best friends get married TWICE! 

It's been so beautiful and warm recently that day dreaming about spring dresses and light layers is pretty easy. I threw together this outfit (and really love it!) from Anthropologie. It would be so perfect for their spring wedding.

Do you have any dresses you've been eying for spring? I'm trying to establish a strong collection of go-to spring dresses to ease the stress of end-of-school-wind-down. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes a great dress seems to solve all my problems.


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