January 3, 2012

That Time I Woke Up to a Bieber Toothbrush

This is the first thing I saw when I checked my email this morning:
What?! Bieber has toothbrushes... that SING!? I couldn't believe such a ridiculous thing could exist, so I convinced myself that it didn't.

You can only imagine my confusion about something as crazy as 1) a singing toothbrush and 2) seeing it first thing in the morning when you're overcome by some kind of stomach bug/head cold thing. Seriously--the 3 elephants that were metaphorically sitting on my sinuses didn't believe a Bieber toothbrush existed either.

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That was my first sign to call it quits today. I should've just gone back to bed and said, "World--you are going to be too much for me today. I resign." But I didn't.

Instead, I faced a full day of work after a long break with a sickness that is pretty miserable. Thankfully, my students helped me out by passing out papers and being quiet. All these little rewards were sweet until I flat out lost my voice in front of 27 extroverted freshmen. Let me tell you something. It's hard enough for me to talk at a regular level in that class because they are always REALLY excited to see each other after a day full of gossip!

Long story short. I drove straight home, climbed into my bed, and you better believe that's where I'm blogging from right this second. My cats are keeping my feet warm and I'm hoping a warm dinner is soon coming my way. Until then, I have my trusty laptop and a full que of instant Netflix to keep me and my sniffles occupied.

How was your first day back from break/the holiday/life/etc? I hope you survived!


P.S. Are you joining any of the fun projects I've seen floating around the interwebs? #JanPhotoADay on Twitter? What about ProjectLife for all you scrapers?

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