January 16, 2012


I'm in the process of having my blog re-designed (yay!) and I needed to add a few more photos to help match the style I am going for this time around. I figure the more specific I am, the better out come it will be, right? So, Cory and I both have the day off, so after we met with his family for breakfast, we headed out around town to snap some shots. 

I'm realizing this is more of an outfit post, so the details for the outfit are listed below. It's a little weird to think of me having an outfit post. Why? I don't really take what I wear too seriously. I do find it very important to look nice and have a personal style, but I'm not one to document something like that, even though I enjoy looking at other people's. Anyway, I just feel sort of weird about it?! hmm..

Here are few left over shots for you :)

(outfit details: teak bangle/thrifted, jade ring/Sky's the Limit, pom pom brooch/DIY, tweed coat/Guess 2008, floral bow top/Forever 21 2009, yellow cardigan/H&M 2009, navy pencil skirt/thrifted, brown booties/Nordstrom Rack Fall 2011, orange tights/Target, brown vintage purse/my grandma's)

It's been a pretty busy weekend over here, so I'll be back later with a weekend recap. It sure is nice having today off to catch up on all those little projects!

How was your weekend?


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