January 2, 2012

Gifts for the Mister

Cory is a pretty dynamic person when it comes to gift giving. He loves to read, to be challenged, and to have nice things, but never asks for much. Truly, gift giving for him is a lot of fun because it's like a treasure hunt. He doesn't care how much money I spend, so long as the quality of thought going into the gift is high. I had fun gifting him a lot of books and notebooks as well as a few special pieces I found online. I also gifted him an extra large empty frame with a little note explaining that it was for us to make a piece of art together for our dinning room area. We're scheming how to make that art come to life and have put it on our list of projects to accomplish this month! 

Here's a little look at the pieces I ordered online for my main man, Cory:

Did you gift anything special this season?

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