December 12, 2011

Deck the Halls: Pom Pom Trees!

From year to year my taste and style changes, so I always find myself making a few last minute crafts to freshen my holiday look. I've always been fairly traditional when it comes to decorating for Christmas--red, gold, silver. I love how warm it feels. I also love the ease of taking down all the red and keeping the gold & silver adorning our home to bring in the new year! 

As I was organizing my studio space after we moved in June, I found a few cardboard cones that I had bought this time last year. Keeping them in mind for trees of some sort, I finally came up with what I wanted to do!

  • pom poms in 3 various shapes (small, medium, large) and colors. I found mine at Michael's.
    • I chose red and white for this DIY but also bought blue, purple, and an assortment of bright colors. I'm using the other colors to make trees as gifts for my little nieces of nephews! 
  • hot glue gun
  • cardboard cone (mine was 4 x 10)
  • Not shown: plastic trash bag to cover my surface and protect it from hot glue drippings.

Step 1: Dump out your pom poms so you can organize them by size and color. It was easier for me to have them spread out on a plastic trash bag than if they were still in the bag.

Step 2: Begin gluing the larger pom poms around your cone in no particular order (unless you want to have it striped or diagonal). 

Step 3: Begin filling in space with the other sized pom poms, in no particular order, to cover the entire cone.

Step 4: Let dry for a few minutes after you cover the entire cone. You can add in more pom poms to create a more textured feel and also this is a good time to fill in missed space!

Step 5: Stage accordingly! I used my pom pom tree to add a little color to a pie table we have behind our sofa. I wanted that table to be full of whimsy and color since it's where our stockings hang. (In case you're wondering, It's a Wonderful Life is playing in the background ;).

What DIY projects have you completed this season to freshen your holiday collection?


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