November 7, 2011

Thank you!

Good afternoon, friends!

This weekend felt like a true whirlwind; before I knew it, the extra hour had passed and I was ironing pants to wear to school on Monday. I mean seriously. That's the sign that the weekend is over... when I'm ironing my chinos for work. Meh.

Anyhow, so this weekend I learned a hefty lesson about indie business and crocheting. Time is money. I know it's cliche and I know it's something that seems rather obvious, but it was the best and the worst lesson for me to learn.

All last week I crocheted myself silly in hopes of preparing for my weekend at the 2Hands Indie Craft Market in Severna Park, Maryland followed by being the November Guest Artist at The Muse in downtown Frederick. I felt sure I had crocheted enough for both events---I even updated my etsy shop because I felt confident I would have so much inventory left over.

I packed up my car late Friday evening after my aunt's retirement dinner in a beautiful mansion in West Virginia. Saturday morning I was up and at 'em with a lunch packed, extra business cards tucked away, and a car full of yarny goods.

I usually have quite the set-up at my regular craft shows, but I knew space would be limited at the 2Hands Market, so I only took winter wears instead of my regular accessories line. This is what my table looked like at the beginning of the show, at roughly 9:45 am. The show only ran until 2, so I figured there was no way my stash would run out in just 4 hours.

And here is my table at 1:45, just 4 hours later...

I am SO thankful for meeting so many gracious customers and friendly faces! I had a blast talking about art, gift-giving, and all the other components that come with customer service at an indie craft festival!

Now it's time to get back to work... which is exactly what I did yesterday after a late sushi dinner with Cory and a long night's sleep.

Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting Donna's this weekend! It was great meeting you. Now I'm off to re-stock The Muse for the upcoming month and get ready for 2 more shows on November 18th and 19th!

How was your weekend?

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  1. SO glad it was such a success! It was great getting to meet you and see your gorgeous scarves and cowls in person! I'm looking forward to promoting you :) I'll be in touch!