November 20, 2011

...No More Silence...

The blog has been pretty quite around here since the beginning of October since I began my autumn craft show season. Life has been pretty busy with teaching full-time and stitching on the side. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sleep deprived; today was the first time I had hung out with Cory's family in nearly a month, PLUS I found 20 minutes to give myself a mani/pedi once we were home. I know it seems minor, but the fact that I'm not pushing myself to the metaphorical limit, trying to bust out one more cowl, is pretty awesome.

But let's be serious. It's not the end of the holiday rush, by any means. I am still updating the inventory at the two shops where I consign my wears. If you're local in Maryland and want to give some Donna's for the upcoming holiday season, feel free to swing by The Muse in downtown Frederick or Love & Glitter in downtown Ellicott City. Both shops are adorable handmade stores and feature so many wonderful and talented artists! I'm also pretty busy keeping up with Etsy orders, which is so exciting! I really love the entire process of Etsy: getting the order, ensuring the order is perfect, gift wrapping it, and shipping it. 

So, it's been a yarny-good time in my neck of the woods, and I'm appreciative that my friends, my family, and most importantly, my husband, believe that it's totally cool to crochet while I eat dinner or while we're hanging out at a weekend barbecue. Without the patience and support, I would have never survived the last few months.

Now, just to prove that I haven't been living inside a ball of yarn and have actually been keeping myself social, I wanted to share with you some photo highlights...

Top Row: I have been really inspired by late-turning leaves in Maryland. Granted, there aren't many left, but I'm really loving a lot of the reds I'm seeing.

Middle Row: A student bought me a can of Peace Tea to try out. Raspberry! Yum! This is also a little peek at my desk at school... notice the colorful post-its and fancy Office Space-esque red stapler!
I thrifted this mug back at the end of September with some really awesome skirts--I think I paid a quarter for it and am in total love with the design. The color scheme is perfect. I try to drink out of it at least once a weekend since it makes me so happy :). Also, you'll see the blankets in the background--we've been using them a ton to keep warm this winter!
This is a good photo of our friends' condo in Reston, VA...they're big color people... every room is a different color, and some rooms, like this one, are two colors! Crazy! :)
Bottom Row: I love homemade sun-dried tomato & spinach quiche. It's my favorite winter snack and I usually make it once a month. Do you have any great quiche recipes? I'm always looking for new recipes to try out! 
As mentioned, I made it outside at my friends bbq for about 10 minutes before I went back inside to watch football and crochet. 
A sneak peak of new product... announcement coming soon :)

Thanks for stopping by! I promise I'll be back soon ;)

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