November 27, 2011

Deck the Halls: Felt Light Bulb Ornament DIY

I'm back with another ornament DIY for our Deck the Halls series!

This isn't as simple-minded, but the end result is so cute you won't be able to pass it up. Today I'm going to show you how to make a felt light bulb!

Materials you will need:
  •  colorful sheets of felt--you can get at least 3 ornaments from each piece.
  • pencil or felt-tip pen
  • white piece of tissue paper or tracing paper
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors
  • needle
  • NOT PICTURED: Poly-fil fiber stuffing

Step 1: Using your tissue paper or tracing paper and pencil, trace a simple light bulb stencil. I used this stencil for free.

Step 2: Cut out your light bulb stencil and use your felt tip pen or pencil to trace it on to your chosen piece of felt. Be sure you trace it so the point of the bulb is near the end of the piece of felt. (as shown below)

 Step 3: Fold your felt so you will have two sides to your light bulb. Once your felt is folded, begin cutting out your light bulb, leaving the bottom end as a fold.
(I wasn't very careful about my edges, but if you want you could use standard sewing pins to help guide your cutting.)

 Step 4: Thread the needle with the color of your choice and tie off with a square knot (I went with pink because I wanted the stitches to stand out). Begin stitching by feeding the needle through the inside of the fold and then out--this will hide your square knot. It is nice when someone lends a paw to help out with this step.

Step 5: Begin stitching across the "metal" part of your light bulb. I back-stitched for this entire project. Need a back-stitch refresher? Go here.
When you're back-stitching across to mock the metal ribs on an actual light bulb, make sure you don't stitch the fold down--you will need that space for your hook later.

Step 6: Continue back-stitching around the bulb until you have about 1.5 inches remaining.

 Step 7: Grab your poly-fil and begin stuffing a little into the light bulb. Be sure you don't over-stuff as we still need to sew the light bulb closed!

Step 8: Hold the sides of the light bulb closed to continue back-stitching the bulb closed.

Step 9: Once you are finished stitching, bind of your thread using the technique in this post.

With the remaining thread on your needle, slide the needle through the fold of the light bulb to tie a knot for your ornament hook.
Hang and display!

If you follow this DIY and post your results, leave me a link in the comments!

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