November 30, 2011

Deck the Halls: Customized Vintage Instax Album!

I take a lot of photos this time of year. Mostly they're either on my cell or with my instax, since they're the simplest to carry around in my purse. What about you?

When I bought Cory the Instax Wide for Christmas in 2009, I didn't realize how big the actual camera would actually be, but we are smitten with it nonetheless. I always try to find new ways to use our instax shots, but knowing me, I will have more photos than what I know what to do with!

I was thrifting a few weeks ago and found a vintage photo album that was designed to hold small photos and I knew it would be perfect for our instax wide photos! Here's how I personalized it for our upcoming seasonal photos!

Materials needed:
  • vintage photo album
  • scrap faux metal shelf liner (contact paper) or whatever color you have
  • scissors
  • Sharpie/permanent marker
Step 1:
  • Before you start actually writing on the contact paper, try practicing your lettering. I found out the hard way and went through... a lot... of contact paper ;).
  • Write out whatever you want the cover to say that will represent what is inside. Mine says "Our Holiday 2011" because I know I want to only store holiday photos in it.

Step 2:
  • Begin carefully cutting out your letters.
  • As you go, peel off the back of stickers and place them appropriately on your cover. This will allow you to keep an eye on spacing and adjusting your letter size if needed.

Step 3:
  • Take a look at your customized album! Pretty!

Step 4:
  • Snap a few photos and place inside! Don't forget to write your captions!

This sure would make a pretty pairing for that special someone you're gifting an Instax camera to this holiday!


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