September 15, 2011

Our Weekend Menu!

Earlier this week I posted about mint-chocolate chip cookies and it really got me thinking. I had a nice little convo with myself (per usual) and it went something like this:

"Self, you should really reserve this weekend as a stay-in-to-cook-and-crochet-all-day weekend."
And I replied... "You are absolutely right, self."

I immediately looked at the weather forecast (I think the current temperature truly effects your diet). It's calling for low 70s, upper 60s all weekend. Perfect! My next step was to start searching around for new fall recipes that I haven't tried. I'm really into soups these days, plus all those pumpkin-y treats that are so a-la fall. So as I was searching around I stumbled across Annie's Eats and instantly fell in love. What a great food blog!

Here is my entire weekend menu straight to you. Maybe you'll be inspired to try something new! ;)

Saturday Morning:

Saturday Lunch:

Roasted Garlic-Potato Soup Recipe

Saturday Dinner:

Sunday Breakfast:

Sunday Lunch:
*repurpose some of the chicken from last night's dinner*

Sunday Dinner
*Perfect for lunch the next day!*another re-purpose meal*

What's on your menu this weekend?

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