July 3, 2011

... some serious Granny square inspiration.

I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with crocheted motifs.

I think all motifs are beautiful in their own appropriate way. I love the color combinations they offer. I love the simplicity of the pattern, yet when together, they make this gigantic work of art. But that's where it gets me. I hate the joining process. I know it's not difficult. I don't know what it is that really holds me up as much as it does... but it's something. Maybe the detail? Maybe the repetition of doing the same thing over... and over... and over again?
Long story short, if you don't know Dana from Craftyminx, please pay her world a visit. In 2011, Dana created a 28 before 29 goal list, mentioning a 365 project. As many of you knowm or have completed, the 365 photo project is a popular goal that many people start and rarely successfully complete. So to change things up, Dana decided that her 365 project would be to crochet a different granny square a day! That's right, 365 motifs. A Granny A Day. All the motifs would be different and beautiful in their own way. What a genius idea!

To document this journey, she actually began a new blog to document her progress and allow her readers a little peek into the project. She goes so far as to properly document the materials and pattern she is currently using. Awesome!
Here are a few samples of her work:

Incredible, right? I find it so inspiring when people really follow through with their 365 projects. So far Dana has been able to create motifs to make 4 afghans since January! FOUR! That's incredible considering I can only ever seem to keep focus long enough to make... a granny pillow.

Keep in mind, this wasn't a New Year Resolution or anything fancy like that. It just so happens that Dana's birthday is in January. This could be a project you start today! Or maybe even tomorrow... it really doesn't matter. You could follow along with Dana's journey or create one of your own. What a fun project :)
So as forementioned, please go over and give Dana some love.
We "hookers" need to keep supporting each other ;).


  1. What a great project - and one I didn't know about til now. I love granny motifs and it looks like she uses some really interesting color combinations that make them look great.

    Like you, I loathe joining and every time I do a granny project I get to that part and swear I'm never doing one again. :) That said, I love your granny pillows - they're one of my favorite things in your store!

  2. Oooh!
    Very very pretty.
    I love the colors and the details of the flowers.


  3. I realized that the easiest way to connect granny squares was to join a row at a time (so you sew together, cut off, join another to the end of the 2 squares, etc. and then join the rows together length wise. This made the time go by WAY faster than sewing them on one by one!

    Does that even make sense?! lol