July 2, 2011

Book Club: The Great Gatsby

Mornin' :)

As you may have read a few days ago, I have a nerd crush on Hank and John Green for a few reasons. John writes incredible books that I highly recommend to all ages. Hank is pretty hilarious and is an environmental/technology writer/researcher. I'm not a science person... at all... unless he's explaining it. He made the Georgia echo-system make complete sense to me via one of his vlogs. They embraced the idea of being a nerd: intelligence, wit, and the little things in life. They decided to call their community of like nerds "nerdfighters" and have appropriately entitled it, Nerdfighteria. I mean come on. This is awesome.

As a high school English teacher, I cannot express why it is so important that teenagers (and really children of all school ages and beyond) read over the summer. Here are a few facts...

Reading outside the classroom:
-enhances vocabulary (A LOT).
-improves recall of literary skills.
-strengthens brain function.

John is hosting a pseudo book club  via his vlog this month for The Great Gastby. You can either purchase a copy, you may already have one sitting around in hopes of it being on your bucket list, OR you can just read it for free online. (I have really tried to make it as easy as possible for you to join me in this feat ;).

Ok, let me sell this to you.

The Great Gatsby:
-may be a book you read in high school and you don't really remember it.
-may be a book you read in high school and really hated, but are willing to give it another shot.
-is a movie that is being released sometime within the next year (I think) with these pretty faces:

-You don't want to be the person who goes to see The Great Gatsby not having read the book, do you?

If you're interested in doing this, but want to know more about the fella hosting this book club event, all you need to do is watch this video (that is less than 4 minutes..)

If you're interested in joining me, leave your name/email in the comments! Hooray!



  1. Can I do the audio book? I bought it from Audible just last month!


  2. Steven! I posted a few comments and questions about Gatsby this morning :) Check 'em out and add your two cents, please!