July 4, 2011

July = vacation mode

For me, July always means vacation. It's when I head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week with my mom and step-father, and when Cory and I have gone on our roadtrips. I sort of live for July in the summer. It seems like it's just so fun and relaxing and above all... consistantly warm. In June we can still have a few chilly days (and by chilly... I mean 75), and in August, the humidity just kills me. So hello, July!

July also brings Cory and my wedding anniversary! We are celebrating next Saturday/Sunday and I have a few big surprises in store for Mr. Cory. I am very very excited about the plans and sort of feel as if I might blow it... but we'll keep our fingers crossed ;).

Anyway, because I'm in vacation mode, anything vacay related is really attractive to me. You know, suitcases, sungasses, packing, etc.  I recently saw these really pretty vintage vacation ads and I wanted to share them with you.

I love the balance of color, graphic, and type. I wouldn't mind a few to hang the red, red walls we have in the office!

Are you heading on vacation this summer? What about a stay-cation?

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