July 12, 2011

I'm feeling Plummy

I obsess over colors.

My favorite color of all time is definitely green, but lately I have really been feeling the plum & mustard combo. Good news, the new school I'm teaching at this fall happens to have purple & gold as their school colors. Meant to be? Maybe ;).

Here's a peak as to what I have my eye on in the plum world via Etsy.

1. Droplet earrings from Green Ribbon Gems.
Earrings Handcrafted of Purple Amethyst Czech Glass Wire Wrapped Tear Drops on Handmade Sterling Silver Earwires

2. These pretty poms from Pom Love
Mixed Up Purples... 10 poms

3. This pretty skirt from Zoe Chen.
Plum Knee Length Skirt with my Drawing-The bird and the falling leaves-size Large

4. Look at this gorgeous dress from River of Romansk!
Classic Berry Plummy Mauvey Purple Plum Chantilly Havisham Romantic Chiffon Secret Garden Twilight Pleated Frolic Dress

5. One of these might just have to be my autumn bag, such an affordable price from Tippy Thai!
Water-Resistant Nylon Pumpkin Bag in Deep Plum
Plum Canvas Bag - Abby

6. I am totally in love with this necklace from Brooklyn Thread!

Plum Agate & Brass Necklace

Have you seen anything particularly pretty recently?

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