June 8, 2011

My dear and loving husband...

Throughout this blog, I talk about a certain mister quite a bit and I feel like I need to give him the proper introduction, especially to the new readers (*waves hand*).

Cory, my husband, and I have known each other for a long, long time. Some would say that our lives have criss-crossed more times than a "normal" couple.

Our parents practically live on the same road, about 10 minutes apart, but we never really knew each other growing up. Believe it or not, I actually knew his parents before I knew Cory. Cory's parents are the God parents to one of my childhood best friends. I got to know them during birthday celebrations, funerals, and random holiday events, always knowing they had an attractive son who traveled all across the country playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Cory and I graduated from Salisbury University, but we were never there at the same time.

Cory teaches at the high school I graduated from, but didn't start until the year after I graduated.

When I was working on my teaching degree, I began substitute teaching during college breaks since it is such an easy way to earn good money and gain credibility on my resume. During one specific assignment, I was filling in for a mid-year retirement position that Cory was about to take over at the semester change. This brought us together as we began working together on a regular basis. Cory would supply me with the lesson plans and material that he wanted his future students to aquire. Although we were both in committed relationships, I still thought he was pretty cute. ;)

Fast forward a few years and we're employeed with the same school system, but at different schools. I was on a professional day with my mentor teacher at Cory's school (where I graduated from) visiting a former teacher. I was about ready to leave campus when I walked into the school's library to meet with my mentor and literally ran into this gorgeous, bearded man. It was Cory.

What are the odds?
It had been years since we had seen each other.
I didn't think much of the small talk, but was happy to see him again.

The very next day, I had an email from Cory asking me to join him at happy hour in Frederick. We met at a local Spanish restaurant and enjoyed low maintanence tapas and house brewed beers. What was supposed to be a brief happy hour, turned into a night of conversation and banter. We met up with mutual friends and the night lasted until 11:30 or so.

The rest is history. :)

Cory still teaches history at the same high school.

We have been married since July 10, 2010.

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh so cute!! recently my room mate got engaged. I love love stories lol :)