June 30, 2011

Help me, crafters! Help me!

Okay, I'm going to be honest. One of my impulse purchases are little doo-dads that do fun stuff with yarn. For example, I have A LOT of pom pom makers. All shapes and sizes. Why? They're cute, fairly inexpensive, and I always feel like I need them. I also have a lot of looms... oh well. I use them eventually, I swear, but really, I may need an intervention.

This time last year I orded this adorable knitting bee from an etsy shop for less than $5. That should've been a sign right away. Long story short, in a fit of bordeom this morning, I decided to crack this puppy... er, bee.. open and see what magic I could make happen.

Well, tbe problem is that I couldn't make any magic happen. I am in serious need of a magic assistant to show me the way!

I have already tried two youtube videos, but one was silent and had really distracting music in the background, and I just couldn't do it. The other was a product review in which a man tried to figure it out, got frustrated, and told me it wasn't worth my money (ha!). I think it will work. I have faith it is not a wasted product. But I need help.

So, please, experts of all things craft, help a sister out!

P.S. These are the two "most helpful" images on the back of the package. I say "most helpful" because I can't really tell where the yarn goes and where it doesn't go...


  1. Wish I could help. I can't ever figure anything out from picture diagrams like these. You should see me trying to put together IKEA stuff - it's a sad, sad sight!

  2. Those diagrams are not clear at all! I wish I could explain how it works to you, but English is my third language, so I'm afraid the result would be a quite uncomprehensible explanation.
    In any case, and though I know you already tried with a couple of videos, I think this one might be helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDf_sR1-0xQ