May 7, 2011

Pretty Big News....

If you follow me on Twitter, this may not be a shock to you, but to those of you who do not, I have a pretty exciting story for you!

Two weeks ago while Cory and I were on Spring Break, my step father encouraged us to start looking at small properties in hopes of buying a condo or small townhouse as a starter home. We are pretty transient people and have no idea where we want to be one second to another, so we weren't very comfortable looking at anything much bigger than a condo or townhouse, anyway.

After looking at a few properties online, we finally decided to contact a realtor for some additional guidance. That's when we met Dave, or local realtor. He did a great job of showing us nearly every condo neighborhood in the area that met our needs (specific price range, 2 bedroom/2 bath, grounds to run/take walks and be safe, etc.).

It was the week after Spring Break and we met up with Dave after work to check out a new condo neighborhood called Waterside. We looked at three condos in the neighborhood that were either foreclosures (that were still gorgeous!) or natural sales. The last condo really struck our eye as it had a different layout and vaulted ceilings, unfortunately it was a bit out of the price range we had originially wanted to stay in.

(DISCLAIMER: We wanted this property to be an investment property that could be easy to rent in the future, so we weren't looking to spend a lot of money.)

After taking a few days to think about it, we decided to put an offer down on the house on Wednesday. We offered way under the listing price and had a few requests for the seller to update/fix before we close on the property. They counteroffered our first offer, so we increased our offer by a little, and sure enough, they accepted it!

Now, right now we are in that limbo stage where there a lot of documents to sign to ensure we go into escrow. Unfortunately, we were unable to get to our relator immediately yesterday because we went to Baltimore for the O's game.

Anyway! The happy news is WE ARE UNDER CONTRACT FOR A CONDO! Wooo!

My mind has been going wild with decorating ideas and "must find" items from the thrift store or flea market. I can actually paint my own walls!

We are attending a Kentucky Derby party this evening and I am very excited to have such a fun & friend-filled weekend ahead of me :)


(P.S. Don't forget tomorrow is Mother's Day!)

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  1. jealous of your new [possible] home! good luck :D