May 2, 2011

It's May!

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Hey everyone! I'm back from a pretty busy weekend at the Towsontown Spring Festival. Whew. I was a vendor at a 2-day show wihch was a pretty cool learning experience.

What I Learned:

1- Arriving early on Day 1 is crucial; arriving early on day 2 is not.
2- So long as you check with security and the opinions of other nearby vendors first, leaving your main structure overnight is actually pretty safe.
3- Just because Day 1 is slow doesn't mean Day 2 will be. (Even in the rain today was a smashing success!)

I have a few other 2-day events coming up this summer; this show really got me pumped up for them!

In other news, yesterday was the first day of May.
To me, May always signifies the start of summer and massive amounts quality time with Cory. May has always been one of my most favorite months, and the coming weeks are looking very promising! Here's what will be happening...

*Today signifies the 4th to last Monday I will have to wake up for work between now and August! Only 3 more to go!

*I'm attending my first Orioles game of the season with a group of college pals this Friday.

*The Kentucky Derby is oh so soon, which means I get to go hat shopping!

*I am spending a nice long weekend in San Francisco with my mother (p.s. if you have any suggested locations or events for us, please email me!)

*My new blog design will hopefully be installed before the end of the month and I am very very excited to share it with you!

*Memorial Day starts the LAST week of school for me! Hooray!

What are you looking forwatd to this month?

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