April 22, 2011

Style Icon: Mary Tyler Moore

When I was in elementary school, my grandmother was in charge of organizing the local Memorial Day parade. It was a big deal to me--because at that time--my little teeny tiny hometown was the only place I knew that hosted parades. Imagine my surprise, as a child who favored black and white episodes of "I Love Lucy" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" over any Saturday morning cartoon, when my grandmother told me that Mary Tyler Moore would be the Grand Marshall of our parade! oh.em.gee.

MTM's father is from my hometown and was friends with my grandmother for a long time, which is how she swindled Mary Tyler Moore to come to our little parade. Hooray! Thinking back to my favorite style icons, I must include Mary Tyler Moore for not only her clothing, but the fact that she really made a name for herself and became the quintessential independent woman.

Mary Tyler Moore became a household name when she appeared as Dick Van Dyke's character's wife on his namesake television show.

Then, in 1970, she created her own show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, in which she played a 30-something women placed in a newsroom sitcom. This is what I remember watching for hours at home. This is when her fashion, poise, and moxie were so evident on the screen.


Which inspired this moment of happiness and independence:


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