March 20, 2011

What I'm Reading...

Not only do I go through reading spurts, but I also have specific reading seasons. For example, my reading calendar looks something like this:

March-April: Interesting non-fiction, essays, short stories
May-September: Southern fiction/lit, larger pieces, classics, early 1900s-modern time
October-November: academic works, classic literature, brooding characters
December-February: Can't convince me to pick up a book.

I think I could probably de-code my calendar and explain it to you, and I will if you want, but for now, I'll get into my reading list.

1. Bobbie Ann Mason's Shiloh & Other Stories. Cory read her collection while taking a Southern Fiction course during his master's program, and ever since, has been convincing me to read it. I finally picked it up and read the first story, "Shiloh," last Friday and am so happy that I did. She's easy to read and enjoyable. Here is an article from People Magazine about Ms. Mason in the 1980s!

2. Paulo Coelho's Inspirations:

3. Jessica Kerwin Jenkin's Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

What are you reading?



  1. I am currently reading a biography of a catholic priest...its rather interesting.
    I am also ready the scarlet letter; I had to read it in high school and felt like picking it up again.

  2. I'm about to start a book marathon!
    I'm reading 33 Stephen King books in 40 weeks, starting this upcoming Sunday. Crazy-ish, but exciting.

  3. What an interesting approach to reading! I always have a few different books going at once - usually a non-fiction, a memoir and a fiction and then maybe something else mixed in there. I just finished my second read-through of Eat, Pray, Love (I rarely re-read but it felt so right for me right now), am almost done with Twisted Sisterhood (non fiction about the nature of female friendships) and am daily flipping through Yarnbombing.