March 12, 2011

Spring Style Notebook: Part 2

I'm back with part 2 for your Spring Style Notebook. As mentioned last week, you need a few supplies that are inexpensive and you may have lying around your house.

To start, I decided that this was such a great use of my time and helped me avoid the inevitable clutter of cherished magazines around my house, that I am going to do this for each season! So, the most appropriate name for my style notebook was "Spring Style: 2011" and that is what I put on the front!

Now, with no rhyme or reason, as I was going through my stacks (upon stacks) of cherished magazines and catalogs, I cut out all photos, fonts, and graphics that I found inspiring.

I paid very close attention to the details in each photo and label the ones that truly attracted it to me. After pasting it inside my notebook, I wrote little notes or messages explaining what I loved most about the photo. This is super important, because I have been carrying this Style Notebook with me in my purse (I purposefully chose a 5x7 notebook so it would easily fit into my satchel). It's important to carry this notebook with you when you go thrifting, shopping, or to a craft fair so you can find a close representation of what you love most!

Here are a few samples of my pages!

If you notice, these two pages focus mostly on home goods.

The left side speaks of organization, color schemes, utility, and the package of seeds which inspires me to create a few inexpensive wall decorations!

The right side is a photograph of two quilited wall hangings of maps. I love these! Cory and I decided he would paint two canvases with a similar idea and hang them in our living room!

See what I mean? You don't need to be a copy cat, but if you truly love these items, you might as well find a way to incorporate them into your life!

As you notice below, there was a specific article about decorating that I really loved in a specific magazine (probably Better Homes & Gardens), so I wanted to save a few of the details. I cut out the portions of the article I wanted to save, pasted them down, and now I don't have to worry about searching high and low to find that copy of the magazine!

I didn't limit my notebook to home decor, though. As you can see, I clipped pretty outfits I want to recreate for spring and summer with the appropriate details. I'm going on a little shopping trip with some girlfriends this afternoon and am hoping to make the magic happen!

And then, of course, there is the beloved Anthro cataglog. For me, their catalogs are works of art, and I so desperately want to hang on to each and every one. I think this is a better use of my space, though.

Here are the magazines I searched through (and are my regular monthly reads):
*The Nest
*Real Simple
*Better Homes & Gardens
*Southern Living
*Country Living

This DIY also helped me realize how to (finally!) describe my style!  I realized my style is definitely color and pattern driven, but I appreciate more conservative fits and shapes. This is definitely true in the home and in my wardrobe.

Don't be afraid to branch out to new magazines and resources! You may realize that your style is a bit more broad than just what shows up in your mailbox every month!


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