March 6, 2011

Photos from the Week(end)

Here's a quick glance through the eye of my cell phone throughout the last week!

Last Sunday, Cory and I went to Potter's Bowl (a local fundraiser for the Community Free Clinic).

Local potters donate gorgeous handmade bowls and you get to pick one to use that evening to eat your soup :)

This year I went with a pretty green cereal bowl.

We sat at lucky table number 13 so we could have a co-worker as our server for the evening!

Our downstairs couch was covered in yarn scraps and thread for most of the week as I prepared for Taste of Success.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a little thrifting. Here's an impressive doll house I found. It's only missing a few shutters. The inside is beautiful!

And just when I thought my search for gems was over... I stumbled across this amazing Chanel back chair. Cory and I have been hunting for additional "chairs with personality" for our bedroom. This pretty little thing will hopefully be coming home with us tomorrow!

This is my favorite booth at our local (huge) Antique shop.

My favorite booth for vintage pyrex and glasses. I picked up a pyrex medium mixing bowl and a few 1970 4th of July Baltimore commemorative glasses. They are going to be perfect for a summer-themed mantel!

Speaking of mantels, when Cory and I deep cleaned yesterday, I finally opened the framed photos he gave me for Christmas. All of these photos were taken by us of each other or during our travels to the south. Lovely. Also... there's Flip. He loves the mantel.

My very very small pyrex collection so far. See that yellow polka dot beauty front and center? That's my new dish I picked up today!

And, I'm wrapping up the weekend catching up on my magazine reading. As you can see, I'm pretty behind!

I hope you had a great week(end)!

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  1. Awesome photo rich post! I love your magazine selections.