March 5, 2011

A little shopping..

I woke up early (for a Saturday), finished the last 7 items, packaged them taped up a gigantic box for shipping, headed to Fed-Ex and mailed 200 items of hardwork and love to NYC for next Thursday! (info in Events Calendar.)

I felt such accomplishment leaving FedEx and driving away. It was my first huge order and my first major deadline. All in all, it was a really cool experience. As a result, I decided to treat myself to a nice long stroll around town and do a little thrifting. I scored some pretty pyrex and vintage commemorative glasses. It was just a small trip, but it felt great. Now, I'm lounging like a couch potato watching The Cosby Show on Netflix. I just want to take it easy this afternoon and let my body refuel after so many sleep-deprived days this week! Of course, with a house full of laptops, usually couch means internet and right now, for me, internet means shopping! I went straight to Mod Cloth because I'm on a major budget concerning any new spring clothes.

Here are the top three items I'm drooling over:
Reach New Levels Satchel
1. Reach New Levels satchel. I'm in love with the color combo.

Fun In the Sun Hat
2. This sweet Fun in the Sun hat.

Don't Be Shellfish Necklace in Maryland
3. Don't be Shellfish in Maryland necklace (it's almost crab season!)

I am completely overtaken with spring fever! It was in the low 60s all day today. Cory and I tore apart, scrubbed down, and put our house back together today. It was totally overdue and now looks sparkling clean! woo!

This gal is going to cuddle up with a crochet hook and a fun project (with no deadline ;))!


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  1. Would love it if you'd share some of the things you learned while doing this first big order (when you get the chance)!